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GMAT is simple

We’re Here to Help You

GMAT is not about online tests. It's not about artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms trying to dissect your strengths and weaknesses to optimize your score.


GMAT is about a pen and a piece of paper. On which you work out problems. Sometimes, with the help of tutors.

Welcome to GMAT with AK - your one-stop-shop for top quality tutoring and test prep that you can trust. I've helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals, providing them with time-tested strategies that work.

Our Story

GMAT with AK grew out of our founder Arun's experiences with teaching students. He found that students were:

  • beginning coaching late because coaching was expensive

  • were over-reliant on automated online coaching methods - which promised to increase scores rapidly but fell woefully short on their promise

He founded GMAT with AK to provide reasonably priced, high quality coaching for students across the globe. This would ensure that you get the required hours of high quality training to be your best when you take the test.

Arun is an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (ranked 47 by Financial Times in its global MBA rankings.) He's worked for 12 years' in global consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company and KPMG. He has trained hundreds of students and mid-career professionals for competitive tests and for interviews.

Nothing can beat personalized one-on-one coaching. And GMAT with AK can help with that.

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Course Information

Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

GMAT Prep Course

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Our GMAT Prep Course teaches you a number of successful test-taking strategies that will lead to increased confidence and better analytical skills come test day. Contact us for more information and to register. Click to book!

SAT Prep Course

Math Notebook and Calculator

Learn how to beat those tricky questions and accelerate your academic capabilities with the SAT Prep Course. This bookable course is the perfect way to improve your skills, reduce testing anxiety, and boost your scores.

LSAT Prep Course

Education Books Bookshelves

The LSAT Prep Course is an excellent way for you to build upon existing academic foundations and learn additional skills that will ensure that you excel on your next test. With flexible schedules, it is easy to find a course that suits your needs. Click to book a course now!


What Former Students Have to Say

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Arun taught me concepts in VA for GMAT over Skype. While I was initially apprehensive about learning over Skype (instead of learning in- person), it turned out to be a smooth experience.  Arun explained the concepts in an easy to understand manner.  He took pains to follow up on my learning as well. Arun is also very flexible regarding time schedules and learning goals. I would recommend Arun to anyone wishing to learn for competitive tests over Skype.

Irina (Netherlands)


+91 90144 28637

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