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What learning methods does GMAT with AK apply?

At GMAT with AK, we believe in individual attention. Our methodology aims to identify the strengths and areas of improvements for a student before creating a personalised learning plan for the student. Classes would be augmented with homework exercises. We are available 24x7 on WhatsApp for any queries the student may have.

What are the class sizes?

We have 2 kinds of programs - personalised coaching for individual students and group classes. The group classes would be designed to ensure each student gets individual attention during the course of the program.

Can I improve by 100 points in 1 month?

This answer to this question is different for each student. It depends on parameters like your current score, the score that you're aiming for,  the time and effort you're willing to put in. There is no magic bullet to increase your score by x points in y days.

I'm just starting up on GMAT. How many classes should I schedule?

You would have to send me your test scores to answer this question precisely. If you are out of touch with both quant and verbal and want to do the entire coaching from scratch, we would recommend 30 hours of coaching spread across 2 months.

I did my GMAT but am dissatisfied with my score and wish to do it again. How many classes should I schedule?

Not getting your target GMAT score may be due to multiple reasons. When beginning personalised coaching after your GMAT, please keep in mind there is no magic bullet to automatically increase your score in a few weeks. In many cases, you would need to work on your conceptual knowledge and your methods of solving problems and this is an involved process.

We recognise that you may have prepared by yourself due to personalised coaching being expensive and dubious promises from services promising huge increases in scores. Which is why GMAT with AK is reasonably priced to help ensure you never have to face the dilemma of a dissatisfactory GMAT score due to not having enough personal coaching. We encourage you to start your personalised coaching with us as soon as possible - ideally a few months before your test date.

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